Used Parts

The used parts listed below are all thoroughly inspected and are in good functioning condition, but may show signs of use.

Listings are based upon equipment availability only. Items may be added or removed at any time. Every effort is made to keep these listings accurate and up to date. Most listings are for one of each item only.

Listings may change daily so check back often.

We purchase used equipment. Contact us if you have old, broken or unwanted bore welder components.

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Bortech Radial Mount, Climax Portable, Line Boring

Used Radial Mount”

Bortech P/N A1023
Climax Portable P/N xxxxx

$180.00 each

Used Radial Mount. This Radial Mount could be used with any Bortech or Climax Portable bore welder. These Radial Mounts are used any time you are using an adjustable base. This Radial Mount can be used simultaneously with another Radial Mount for an even greater reach. Extra Radial Mounts were commonly used in conjunction with a Mounting Rod Extender
Shipping $10.00

Reconditioned Bortech Torch #00

Reconditioned Torch #00

$100.00 each

Refurbished #00 welding torch for Bortech or Climax Portable bore welder. This torch has a new nozzle, contact tip, liner, set screws and fresh paint. Fully restored to like new condition. The #00 torch will weld bores from .88 to 1.8 inch diameters. This torch has a contact tip for .035 wire installed and is ready to weld.

Used Bortech A1059 Cable, Climax Portable, Line Boring

Used A1059 Wire Feed Cable

$95.00 each

Used A1059 Wire Feed cable for Bortech bore welder. This cable connects the control box to an early model Bortech Wire Feeder. This cable has been tested and is guaranteed to work. This cable is in good shape with no nicks or cuts in the insulation and shows normal signs of use. This cable only fits the early model Bortech 306-P wire feeder with a 4 pin connection on the wire feeder. Will not fit late model 306-P with 9 pin connection on the wire feeder. Will not fit model 306-ZM 306-ZP or BW-3000 with metal connections on control box.
Shipping $10.00